Happy Father’s Day!

I have a great dad. If I were to be asked to describe my father, I would use words like loving, dependable, of strong character, provider, and solid. Why those particular words? Let’s look at each one.

Loving – Although my father would not be considered as a “mushy” person, no one would dispute the unwavering love that my father gave each of his kids. Although, being the youngest, I was often accused of being the favorite, I never knew of my father showing favoritism. In fact, he would go out of his way to be careful to treat each of us the same.

Dependable – My father and his word were inseparable.  If he said he would do it, it happened, even if it cost him. I watched his life and learned so many life-shaping lessons that have served me well through my life. I never doubted his word, and never had a reason to do so.

Strong Character – All my life, my father has had strong morals. There was never any question on which side of a situation he would stand. He always endeavored to “do the right thing.” This, also, was life shaping, and placed within me a strong desire to deliver the same legacy to my children.

Provider – As I look back at my life, I see many times where my parents did without “things” so that they could not only provide our needs, but also many of our wants. Being a carpenter, my father would work an 8+ hour day and come home to either build cabinets or remodel homes for others.  I now see that these did not happen just because no one else wanted to do them, they happened because this was a way for him to provide more than the basics for his family.

Solid – This is the most descriptive word I can find. My father was solid. He was solid in his love, he was solid in his morals, and he was solid in his character. The father of my youth is the same father I now have, even though he is now in his 90’s. His understanding of doctrine has not changed. His concept of right and wrong has not changed.

My dad was not Superman, but he has been my “superman.” As I go through my thoughts about him, I realize that the best gift he gave me was the ability to understand my Heavenly Father. How? He modeled Him in front of me. You see, he allowed Jesus to shape his person to such a degree that His character showed through.

My Heavenly Father loves me, He is dependable, He has a strong character and moral stand, He is my Provider, and He is my Solid Rock.

So, now that I have called my father, Bartes Alphin, and wished him “Happy Father’s Day,” I also want to take a moment to say the same to my Heavenly Father.

Happy Father’s Day!


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