There Stands the Cost

A number of years ago, Larnelle Harris wrote and sang the following:

“There Stands the Cost”

Jesus fasted forty days and nights
And then the tempter came
And led him to a mountain
That overlooked the earth’s domain
Then Satan pointed to the world
Displayed beneath their feet
And said these kingdoms could be yours
If you’ll bow and worship me

But Jesus know the price that must be paid
And as He gazed toward Golgotha
You could hear him say

There stands the cost
Like a veil that has been lifted now I see
A glimpse of what the Father has for me
For there beyond the splendor
Lies a vision of the cross
And the Father calls to me 
There stands the cost

Down through time the cross
Has called my name
And still my endless fear
Is wondering if my spirit
Will always find the faith to hear
For it calls on me to carry it
To daily bear its weight
To be more like the Christ it held
And give my life away

For He knows well the price that must be paid
And as He calls to me right now
I can hear him say…

My thoughts today are about the cost of life. There is a saying that “the best things in life are free.”  It sounds good, and in its limited perspective holds a lot of truth. However, if one “drills down” into life, one finds that the thought is actually quite shallow. Everything has a cost associated with it. My choice to sleep late has the cost of putting me behind on my work. My choice to lose weight has the cost of exercise and careful choices in what I eat. My choice to love someone has the price tag of vulnerability attached. A choice to be a failure has the price of poverty, and my choice of success has the price of discipline. Everything has a cost.

Jesus paid an exorbitant price for my salvation. However, don’t kid yourself; it was only a down payment. There is a cost for you and me to pay. How? We pay with our daily choices. Do we put Him first in our thoughts or do we ignore His gentle nudging? Do we study His Word, or do our Bibles have a layer of dust on top?  Do we seek His guidance, or are we like Frank Sinatra and choose to do it “My Way.”

The world offers a “guilt free,” “indulge yourself,” “no consequences” life style. It wants to throw out the rules and eliminate all costs. While it is true that today, you can live your life with few limitations, one can never eliminate the cost. The price must be paid. It may come in the form of addictions, disease, broken homes, depression, and others. You may be one of the “fortunate” ones who make it through life without seemingly paying for your choices, but that does not exempt you. There will be an eternal cost to pay.

I propose that it is far better to pay the price now. I’ll pay the price of spending time with my Jesus because “the joy of the Lord is my strength.” I’ll pay the price of walking with Jesus daily because “there will be peace in the valley for me.” I’ll gladly give up the pain brought on by sin because one day, “I shall wear a robe and a crown.” You may ask I choose to pay this price. It is because of His “Amazing Grace” that “on a hill far away, stood an old rugged cross.”

When I look at the price He paid for me, I am faced with the reality that I owe Him everything. How can I not give him my all? The cost to me is so infinitesimal when placed beside His down payment.

If you are still wondering why, I will leave you with one more song: “It will be worth it all when we see Jesus.”


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