*365 Days in Finland. Check!

Well, here we are. 365 days in Finland. One year into our first term as overseas missionaries. Wow.

Where do I even begin to reminisce about the things we have experienced? It would be impossible to focus on one – or even just a couple. I’ve thought about this blog all day and couldn’t decide how to write about it. So, I’ll just offer words and let you mentally fill in the blanks. It really won’t be that hard to imagine… we’ll start with our departing day and work from there.

Months 1-3: Partners. Finances. Tickets! Suitcases. Nineteen. Stuffed. Airport. Family. Friend. Toddlers. Goodbyes. Tears. Departure. Prayer. Chicago. Pandemonium. Copenhagen. Anticipation. Tears. Prayer. Helsinki. Suitcases! Yes! Taxi. Hotel. Snow! Sleep. Not. Tears. Prayer. Change. Culture. Shock. Prayer. Jet-lag. Wonderment. Excitement. Exploration. Homesick. Skype. Tears. Prayer. Lodging. Language! Confusion. Prayer. Broker. House! Excitement. Birthday! Moving. Prayer. Unpacking. Wonderment. Security. Space. Thankful. Friends. Bible. Studies. Baptism. Homesick. Prayer.

Months 4-6: Teacher. Language. Study. Confusion. Incompatible. Cancel. Prayer. Frustration. Birthday. Celebration. Vehicle. Blessing. Offering. Visitors! Prayer. Homesick. Snow. Culture. Shock. Prayer. Explore. Package! Blessing! Conference! Copenhagen. Friends! Humbled. Prayer. Bible. Studies. Package! Shipment! Belongings! Smiles. Midsummer. Daytime! Walks. Flowers. Garden. Thankful. Prayer.

Months 7-9: Settled. Friends! Holiday. Visitors! Home. Group. Meetings. Daytime! Bicycling. Exercise. Baptism. Blessing! Conference! Vienna. Friends! Dinners. Prayer. Birthday! Celebrate! Birthday! Package! Celebrate! Prayer. Warm. Meetings. Happy. Hot! Sweating. Satisfied. Explore. Holiday. Visitors! Prayer.

Months 10-12: Content. Explore. Rain. Language. Study. University. Learning. Homework. Prayer. Homework. Prayer. Homework. Confusion. 😦 Prayer. Immersion. Prayer. Anniversary. Friends! Thanksgiving. Dinners. Home. Group. Meetings. Rain. Prayer. Class. Study. Study. Study. Final. Relief. Christmas. Peaceful. Celebrate. Anticipation. Prayer.

And that, my friends, is part of our first 365 days in Finland all jammed into a very small nutshell. If you imagined along with me, you could probably sense a small part of the emotion behind every word.  Every single experience has been wonderful in its own way. Yes, some of it was hard. Really hard. But, every day included a lesson that needed to be learned, and we wouldn’t change one moment. And, the most important, and best, part of it all? God was with us, is with us now, and will be with us tomorrow.

I cannot imagine traveling this journey without my Savior. He is the reason we are in Finland, and it is His will that we seek each day. We are striving to be one with His vision, and pray every day that His path is the one that we walk. 2012 is laid out before us, and we plan to give every single day to Him.

Onnellista uuttaa vuotta to you and yours, and blessings for a profitable, Kingdom-minded 2012!


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