Upon the Master’s Knee

This morning during prayer,

The Master called to me.

He said, “Daughter, you’re hurting;

Come and sit upon My knee.”


“I’ll wipe your tears, I’ll dry your face,

I’ll hug you close and tight.

And when it comes time for you to sleep,

I’ll watch o’er you in the night.”


“I know you’re sad, I feel your pain;

Remember, I had it, too.

There is nothing that can happen,

To keep Me from covering you.”


“I am the Alpha and Omega,

The first and last – and More!

And oh, you can’t imagine,

What My goodness has in store.”


“My love for you is wider

Than the ocean or the stars.

It’s unable to be measured;

Just try – you won’t get far.”


“Humans have no concept

Of the Heavenly Father’s love.

Their minds just cannot grasp it,

But it enfolds them like a glove.”


It’s warm, it’s sweet, it’s light,

The Father’s love for me.

And He told me all of this,

While I was sitting upon His Knee.


by Glenda Alphin

Sunset in Hanko, Finland

(I have been told recently that I should keep writing poetry – I’d be interested in some comments to let me know if you agree? I’ve not really done this before, but lately, they’ve seemed to just roll right out of my heart. Thoughts, anyone?)

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