Life is a Vapor

Our life is but a vapor,

So quickly passed – it’s true.

Right now, I feel Jesus pressing me

To explain this thought to you.


We enter as a little babe,

So tiny, precious, new;

Dependent on another,

For everything we do.


We grow, we learn, some bad, some good;

All parents aren’t the same.

But there’s one thing that I do know,

We’re here to praise His Name.


Some choose to love the Lord above,

And serve Him with their life;

While others like to scoff at Him,

Filling up with hate and strife.


Whatever your opinion,

Or what your thoughts might be,

Please listen just a moment,

To what He’s said to me.


He loves you more than others could,

His Word has said it’s true.

And if you don’t believe me,

Just read it – He’ll tell you.


Is what you’ve learned about the Lord,

Something written in a book?

Or has someone maybe told you

That all preacher men are crooks?


We are all human, it is true,

And many make mistakes;

But He wants to tell you, “Child, I’m real!”

Will you a moment take?


Explore His Word, learn for yourself,

This message – old, but new;

He longs to reach down from above,

And be a Friend to you.


The Gospels are the place to start,

Just read with open heart.

My friend, ask God to guide you,

Then from Him, do not depart.


He’ll lead you down a clean, fresh path,

He’ll make your life anew.

Jesus loves you more than I could tell,

Much more than others do.


There’s peace, and joy, and so much more…

Please, won’t you take a minute?

Life really is much better,

With a Savior and Lord in it.


Just think of what I’ve said today;

Try to make your ‘vapor’ count.

Only what’s done for Christ will last,

To any small amount.


by Glenda Alphin

Fresh and New

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