At the Master’s Feet

This morning, as I began to wake,

So many things did my attention take.

All were threatening to weigh me down,

And smash ’my day’ upon the ground.


“Remember this? Or that?,” they screamed;

It started to take a toll on me.

“They have forgotten, they don’t care!”

Or,  “What about that ? Do you dare?”


So to the Master I quickly ran;

I’ve learned that in times of trouble, I surely can,

Tell Him my dreams, my fears, my woes,

Oh, to that Heavenly One I love to go!


He loves me more than I’ll ever know,

Or begin to comprehend.

He’s reassured me many times,

Of His faithfulness, there is no end.


So, I’m laying at the Master’s feet,

All the things that bother me.

The peace that comes when I choose to give,

Well, really, it’s the only way to live.


The peace that comes from complete surrender,

Is greater than this world can render.

There is no vice or other thing,

That can make the heart begin to sing.


At the Master’s feet, I learned,

That there, my problems can adjourn.

Oh, dear friend, trust me—it is true;

And He’s also waiting just for you.


by Glenda Alphin

Forever Love


Filed under Christianity, Faith, God, Poetry, Prayer, Spirituality

3 responses to “At the Master’s Feet

  1. Rachel

    This is beautiful. I love your blog! 🙂

  2. I don’t really feel like I can take credit since this poem came to me during prayer this morning. I guess you could say that God had a whole lot to do with it :). I am glad that you enjoy our blog! Thanks for stopping by our page.

  3. This is so beautiful……this blog is beautiful too. Praise God!

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