The Great I Am

Friend, have you heard of Jesus,

Who came from Galilee?

Others thought he was just a man,

But, before him did demons flee.


His teaching was so different,

Than they’d ever heard before.

His power was not like any other,

And would open every door.


He healed the blind, the deaf,  the lame,

No one did he leave out.

All it took was simply asking,

And believing, without a doubt.


He calmed the sea, He walked on water;

Trust me, it is true!

Pick up your Bible and start to read,

Matthew fourteen and twenty-two.


He calmed their fear and taught them faith,

Those simple fishermen.

Sometimes I wonder, “What in the world…?

Why didn’t they trust in Him?”


His witness was astounding,

His Word was ever true.

And the things the disciples witnessed

None had seen another do!


Jesus Christ was greater,

Than any other man;

And the story doesn’t end there,

For He is the Great I Am.


He died, was buried, and rose again,

To save us all from sin.

He’s making a home in heaven,

So that we can live with Him.


But my point is really this, you see,

Before I stray too far;

His miracles still live today,

They’ll heal each and every scar.


Whether you’re broken on the inside,

Or your body has been battered;

Whatever your problem is, my friend,

It  really doesn’t matter.


The Great I Am is truly real;

I have seen it for myself.

His power is not something,

That’s just sitting on a shelf.


It lives, it moves, it breathes,

Inside those who trust in Him;

His Spirit is a healing force,

That can remove our every sin.


I’ve seen Him heal a mind, a soul,

And watched a body made fully whole;

It’s not a fallacy, a farce—I saw this!

And, the proof’s not sparse.


God’s Spirit is alive and well,

It’s moving yet today.

The Great I Am is reaching out;

Just His Word, we must obey.


Read the Book and listen;

Jesus will speak to you.

And His words, you can believe;

For every one is true.


Take a chance on Jesus,

What have you got to lose?

He wants to heal and make you whole;

All you must do is choose.


by Glenda Alphin

(Great I Am, by New Life Worship)

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