Living Virtue

I arose this morning feeling as if my spiritual well was dry. Life can be what many would call overwhelming and yet, my husband doesn’t like that word because it gives the impression that we can’t deal with our circumstances. We can deal with them as long as we rely on the One who is our sustaining force. No matter what comes our way – death, sickness, loneliness, life’s frustration – God will handle it all, as long as we give it to Him, and He will help us recover in the midst of it, too. I had a good talk with Jesus this morning, and He began to talk to me about His virtue – the strength that can only come from Him – but how so many of His children ignore it.


Virtue is a needed thing that only comes from Me;

I am the Source that makes you move and breathe – Oh child, don’t you see?

My virtue is available to those who seek My Face;

For those who want to hear My Voice and Will, to both embrace.


It’s free to you both day and night – My Well is never dry;

It is a source of Life to you, abundant in supply.

But for those who will choose to forget – their soul, a desert dry;

They’ve forgotten that I the One who hears them when they cry.


You seek to fill the empty void and lack of virtue flow,

With things that simply just won’t work, or strength in you bestow.

Movies, videos, books, or games – this void, they won’t fulfill;

It’s Me you need – Hey, can you hear? Do you remember Calvary’s hill?


I bled and died so life to you I could freely, gladly give;

Yet many who claim to know Me have forgotten just how to live.

They choose to rely just on a man to replace what they have lost,

When they should be listening to the One who paid the ultimate Cost.


The Water in my Well is Free, it’s Virtue I will rain,

On your parched, dry, thirsty soul, and strength you will regain.

Come sit, My Child, and listen – feel My Love as it pours in;

I’ll fill your empty spirit and renew your heart from sin.


And as I wash your spirit clean, you’ll feel alive – renewed!

My Peace, My Joy and yes, My Strength I’ll freely give to you.

Virtue is waiting, O child of Mine, do not delay or stray;

Renew yourself – come, lean on Me and be restored today.


by Glenda Alphin

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2 responses to “Living Virtue

  1. Rachel

    Such a timely blog today. It ministered to me as I was allowing myself to grow worried over the future. His promises are so sweet! I follow your blog — and I love both you and your husband’s posts.

  2. In the midst of ‘crazy life,’ I have learned at least one thing to always be true, Rachel. God is faithful. Don’t worry. Trust. Worry = fear = lack of faith = removing God’s ability to act. This morning’s post (22-1-12) can also be applied to any situation, not just infirmity. Believe God. He is with you! 🙂 -ga

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