The Power of Words

(Initially posted under the title “What Did You Say?”)

The Lord just reminded me of something today;

It all had to do with the words that we say.

Blessings and cursings from the same mouth;

It just shouldn’t happen – of this I’ve no doubt.


There’s times we are grumpy, upset, angry too,

So on someone’s poor ear we start to verbally ‘chew.’

“You did this” or “that,” we might say to them,

Not thinking of damage that can happen within.


“What were you thinking?” I mean, “Seriously, for real?”

We question and criticize without accepting appeal.

We spout and we rant, letting words fly – and then,

We wonder why we can’t reach them within.


God has a bit about this bad habit to say;

He wants us to change, to consider His way.

Philippians 4 and verse 4 says it plain;

The NLT version is one that from daily I gain.


“Always be full of joy in the Lord!”

But, God, did you say that? How can I afford

To let wrongs or mistakes pass so easily by?

“You can, because I did, and I never lie.”


“Let everyone see you’re considerate in all that you do.”

It’s our minds that He longs to make over anew.

“Don’t worry about anything,” He says with a smile;

He’s trying to teach us to go ‘the long mile.’


The chapter continues on to speak of the fruits,

The things that should seep from our deep, spiritual roots.

Our thoughts should be on things that are pure, true, and right;

Admirable, excellent, praise-worthy – no blight.


“Keep putting into practice all that you have learned,”

From these ways of Mine you should never, ‘er turn.

Then My Peace will be with you forever, amen;

It will keep you from falling into a spiritual pigpen.


That might sound so funny to you – but you see,

He’s planning on coming for you and for me.

How can we expect to make heaven our home,

When we can’t even be nice in our ‘haven’ – you know?


His Word has never lied to you and to me;

It’s plainly written out for each one to see.

Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as you do yourself.”

We can’t possibly do this if the Truth’s on a shelf.


Our tongues are a tool that can be good and so right,

Or they can be used for evil – to put up a big fight.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus – He’ll help you to change;

Good thoughts for bad ones is what we exchange.


A habit like this is not easy to break,

A few weeks of patience is what it will take.

Twenty-one days makes a habit – I promise, it’s true;

There’s a new, happy mindset just waiting for you!


When we work and we seek to watch just what we say,

An encourager we’ll become no matter what comes our way.

The fruits of the Spirit will pour out – and then,

Others will see it and want to know Him.


by Glenda Alphin

Notes found in Mom Alphin's Bible

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