Winter Wonder

I don’t claim to be a spectacular photographer, but this moment was just so amazing that I simply had to share it. Just within the last couple of weeks, we’ve started to have snow showers at least part of every day. The morning that Mark and Miranda were returning to Finland from the States, following his mother’s home-going, we had awakened to trees that seemed to be frozen in time. They were absolutely beautiful! In the evening, the background lighting from the city made the view even better, so I just had to have a photograph.  God has truly provided a wondrous creation for our daily enjoyment! Snow makes everything clean, bright, and fresh. Gone are the things that add to the period of darkness we are currently experiencing (dark grass, green trees, and mud left behind after the rains). The light radiates off of the snow and makes one feel more light and joyful. Enjoy our little piece of winter wonder, and may your day be mightily blessed beyond measure!

Glenda Alphin

Winter in Finland

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  1. How wonderfully beautiful. Super image!

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