Adversary, Be Gone!

I struggled this morning to retain a clear mind,

One that was joyous and peaceful defined.

The enemy came and continually raged;

Then suddenly, a Voice rang and my thoughts engaged.


Child, don’t let him do this, don’t dare let him win!

He seeks to defeat you—he wants you to sin!

There are keys that you have so  just put them to use;

Stand strong and fight, but My weapons to use.


The battle is mine—don’t you ever forget;

I kicked him out and  I made him fret.

He sought to be like Me , to My Ways said, “No,”

My Response? “Then be gone!” and he just had to go.


He’s been mad ever since and so tries to erase,

The peace of My Kids and the whole human race.

Listen to Me, for what I say is true!

You’ve got to learn this—get it right, look for clues.


He’ll steal all your joy and your peace replace;

He’ll make you cry, put a frown on your face.

But listen to this—there’s nothing he can ‘er do,

To remove a prayed covering from off of you.


Listen and heed everything that I say;

Let My Love cover your whole life today.

Then, when Satan comes to taunt you and jeers,

You can say,“Stupid devil! Just get out of here!”


Trust in Me, trust My Word, and My n’er ending Promise,

For there’s nothing to separate , to keep you from It.

My Blood is a covering you should seek every day.

It will keep you from harm along all of life’s way.


Trust me to silence him once and for all;

Eventually, he will have to heed My loud call.

Till then, he just thinks that he needs to tempt you,

With bad vices and words, wrong attitudes, too.


Your soul, it’s his aim to completely destroy,

He longs to remove any chance for real joy.

But, My Spirit, My Joy, and My Love awaits,

It will you give the strength till you reach Heaven’s gates.


Just seek my Face and draw nigh, for I’m here!

I’ll carry you and erase all your fear.

I feel it! Your strength is now o’ertaking me!

I know what you mean and I will tell him to flee!


Be gone, evil one, for your job here is done!

My day is the Lord’s and He’s already won!

Lord, remind me again if ‘er I forget,

The battle is yours, and I should never fret.


by Glenda Alphin

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