A Passion for a Country

There’s a passion deep within me,

Much more than ‘er before.

A nudging of my spirit,

A knock on my heart’s door.


It’s changed me into what I am,

A woman far away,

From everything she’s ever known,

I’d never dreamed this day.


The thing you may call loss,

I count as gain for Him;

Oh yes, I miss what’s ‘normal,’

But I’d do it all again.


To go into a country,

That I’d never know before.

The reason? Oh, it’s because of He

Who knocks on my heart’s door.


He compels me to go forward,

To seek a Finnish friend;

To share with them the love

That can only come from Him.


It’s why I sit for hours,

Studying cases, nouns, and verbs;

The language is truly stranger

Than most others I have heard.


I want Finns to know they matter,

For you see, they really do.

I love their culture—love their ways;

Yes, God’s done this to me, too.


He loves them more than I do,

Yet many don’t believe it;

We seek to change a mindset,

And most people can’t conceive it.


It’s not an overnight thing,

And the process will be slow.

But, we’re here because God called us,

There will be a church—we know!


So, if you think of us

And our mission far away,

Please pray for wisdom, strength, and grace,

To cover each new day.


by Glenda Alphin

Part of the Helsinki (Hakaniemi) skyline, January 2011 - Our first winter month in Finland


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