Liberated from Fear

Of something grand I have to share, it happened just today;

Jesus came and touched my heart in such a different way.

A problem has been plaguing me, it started years ago;

When I was just a child young, and from then, it had its flow.


My actions caused a door within my heart to open wide,

Then through this door, my enemy walked, and fear came to reside.

I didn’t realize what I had done, but from then, I felt afraid;

Although God’s Spirit’s lived in my heart, fear has reigned – until today.


God placed His Spirit deep within, from many years ago;

I wear His Name, His blood’s applied – oh, yes, I know it’s so!

Yet, in my mind fear had a home and this I didn’t realize,

I let the enemy use my thoughts and his power, he did excise.


I could pray and ‘beat’ the small things, the ones that “didn’t matter,”

For the devil knew my mind was his, he could afford to let those shatter.

Of late, there have been many things that started to close in,

And all because of a little door, caused by a little sin.


Oh, the sin? Forgiven long ago, for Jesus told me so.

But the door? I had to close it! But how? I didn’t really know!

I didn’t even know the source, I just knew fear could reign;

But today, the root was clear and true freedom, I could gain.


I prayed and God then showed me how to throw away the key,

To close the door forever, so I did it on my knees.

My journal was beside me, and my tissues right close by;

My husband, a prayer warrior, held my hand as I did cry.


I prayed, “Dear God, my heart is yours; my mind, I give to you.

Please close this door forever, make him bow and say adieu.

Now satan, I tell you, listen; my mind is not your home.

You’ll leave now, the lease has ended; I refuse to let you roam.”


I plead the blood and cried hot tears as I felt the Father’s touch;

Then, in my mind He spoke how to stay free of the enemy’s clutch.

And as He washed the years away of anguish, pain, and turmoil,

I saw an incredible thing transpire; my enemy, He truly foiled. 


The door was closed and shut so tight, and then, I saw His Hand.

He took a hammer and some nails, and those to the door, He rammed.

God nailed that door, shut it up so tight, and threw away the key;

Then in gentle words He spoke so clear – it was now up to me.


My future actions and my words can work one of two ways;

I can stay a captive free, or to fear, return enslaved.

It all depends on how I choose to let the enemy work;

Will I kowtow? Will I bend? Will I undo God’s footwork?


I choose to stay right on the path God’s actions have placed me, 

For I want to live free from all fear, so from it, I seek to flee.

God’s Word’s a tool I use so oft’, and this I will continue.

His blood is a covering I seek every day; His Will, my only venue.


My friend, this story? Oh yes, it’s true, it is my testimony;

I had to share with you today, for its truths are not mine only.

Jesus loves you just like me, He seeks to free us all;

This poem is just a simple way to share His clarion call.


He wants to help you, free you from the enemy’s hard, tight grasp;

The devil is a seasoned foe, and he fights just like an asp.

Satan is so evil and he wants to keep you bound,

In chains and fetters you will live until freedom, you have found.


There is a Name that can release the devil’s hold on you;

Its touch is so majestic and the result is one renewed.

Please let God work within your life, apply His Name today;

There is a peace that I now have, and it’s in my heart to stay.


Oh no, I am not ignorant of the enemy’s devices,

But this I know and can believe, our Lord satan’s fall devises.

As long as we seek peace and freedom within our Father’s hand,

The fear without can’t come within, and our heart is God’s own land.


I thank you God, for giving me a mind renewed in you,

The peace I have is deep and speaks of a great breakthrough.

I choose to live redeemed and free, with my mind stayed on you, Lord;

I offer up my inward parts to you, my Great Reward.

This morning’s experience is very personal, but I felt impressed by God to share it with you. Jesus longs to give everyone the same peace that He has bestowed upon me. I have served the Lord for many years and have not let fear rule my life. As a blood-bought child of God – which makes me a King’s Kid – it is not His will that we would allow fear to control any area of our life. But, unless we have gone through a deliverance process, there is most likely some type of fear that exists in everyone’s life. Fear of failure. Fear of sickness. Fear of death. Fear of being alone. Fear of … you name it. But, here I am, being honest because God said, “Do it.”

Since arriving on our mission field, the instances of it overwhelming me have grown over time. Our family is currently undergoing a deep series of teaching on prayer and the Lord is starting to work in a greater way. Because of this, the enemy is scared and has tried to tighten his hold to the strangling point. I know that to live in a bound state is not of God, and I got to the point where frankly, I was incredibly fed up with his ability to put a band around my heart that squeezed so tightly, it felt as if it would burst. For a child of God to be bound like this in any way is simply not of God, and I got to the place where I was finished with satan’s ability to affect me like this. Yes, it was difficult. Yes, I realize that my true fight is now just beginning, because he does not easily loose those that he would choose to bind. But, to see God’s will performed both in my life and our field of labor, I must be willing to stand united with the Lord in seeing our enemy vanquished. “And all this assembly shall know that the LORD saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is the LORD’S, and he will give you into our hands.” (1Samuel 17:47)  –  John 14:23-28; John 15:7-13; Acts 2:38, 39; Psalm 119:165; Matthew 22:37-39; Acts 10:34-38; Ephesians 6:10-18; Exodus 12:13; Mark 14:24; Hebrews 9:13-28; Hebrews 10:16-22

I pray that, if you suffer from fear, you will seek the Lord. He will surely help you as He did me, for He is truly no respecter of persons. I pray His freedom for you, in Jesus’ Name.

G Alphin

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