Dandelions Get a Bad Rap

Our eldest daughter has said it for years: “Dandelions get a bad rap.” I can remember one particular, very vivid conversation that I had with her when she was younger. She, her sister, and I were discussing flowers, and which ones we would choose to be our favorite. There were a number of different ones that came up in conversation, and then Miranda said, “I like dandelions the best!” We could hardly believe our ears! Where we lived, dandelions were scorned, the dreaded weed that tainted every lawn in existence. It’s the pariah of every gardener I’ve ever known in the United States. Numerous manufacturers have invented multiple types of chemicals that one can sprinkle, spray… you name it, someone has created it. Down with the dandelion! But, our daughter said, “It’s the underdog, the one that no one wants. I like it because it’s different! I think they are amazing!”

Now that we’re living in Finland, I’ve started to think of dandelions in a different light. Right across the walking path from our home, there is a good-sized piece of land with trees, bushes, and… dandelions. Lots of them. Here, no one mows them down or expends effort to eradicate them with chemicals. We simply enjoy the fact that they are full of color, not white like the snow that we stare at for months on end. It has become completely normal to see dandelions everywhere we walk. And, I don’t mind so much anymore.

We’re pretty fortunate, you know. One day, God looked down at us and thought, “I want to have a relationship with those people, but the only way it will really work is if I go live among them.” He looked past the muck and mire of sin, the stench of dirty, sin-filled lives, and made the choice to eventually die for each and every one of us, then rising again so that we would all have a chance at everlasting life with Him.

I guess you could say that we’re all sort of like a dandelion. At times, we’re unwanted, unloved, or unappreciated. We’re talked about, ignored, looked down upon, or scorned by people who don’t understand us. Or, maybe we’re even sprayed with abuse, filthy language, and the like. But please, be encouraged. Christ first loved you and I, and He simply wants us to love Him back. It really is that easy. He wasn’t guaranteed a win with His decision, but He did it anyway. Just like my daughter chose the dandelion, Christ chose us.

This year, I happen to like dandelions. I think I always will.



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2 responses to “Dandelions Get a Bad Rap

  1. Amanda

    In my house dandelions are called, “the flower of our love”.
    I like your daughter’s way of thinking ;D ♥

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