The Masterpiece

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With a glow of fire, the dawn lit that shadowy sky. It burst forward like the sound of a thousand trumpets. The sky shimmered in hues of orange, yellow, pink, purple, and blue. The moon stood silently, overseeing the magical artistry as it took form. And yet, she could offer no advice to the Artist, for his skill to create such a breathtaking view had quieted her tongue. She only looked on in awe and admiration of the Artist as He did His work. A little yellow here, a little pink there, a little more, a little less… He knew exactly what to do. The stars began to dance away, fading to sleep for the day.

The time came for the moon to sleep. She had stood, watching the colors take hold of the night sky, completely unaware of time as it passed. The Artist looked over at her and said gently, “Go to sleep, for your work is done.” The moon slowly slid out of her gaze and looked at Him, and she nodded. Yes, it was time for her to sleep; the Artist had everything under control. She started to go down, but took one last look at the masterpiece. She saw the people down below, waking and beginning their day, and she gasped in sheer horror. She had never really noticed the people before, those little humans. She had always just stood there in complete wonder and awe as the Artist created His masterpiece… day after day, never seeing what she now witnessed.They, those humans, slowly awakened, irritated with the morning light for disrupting their sleep. The moon watched as they got ready and went about their business, grumbling and moaning about the new day. She watched as some paid notice to the brilliant sky, but only lingered for a moment. Others would notice and gaze at the splendor of the morning, but would be quickly shut down by those who did not acknowledge what had just taken place. She witnessed grievances and protests against that magical sky. The only sight that would lift her heart were those that would look in awe, as she did. However, they were very far and few between. The Moon was appalled.

The Artist turned to her, but said nothing. She looked at Him, nodded, and then shook her head, for she knew that she should have been asleep, but sleep was futile now, for what she just saw laid heavily upon her heart. He turned back and looked out at the masterpiece that He had created, and His eyes became sad. He slowly shook his head. Finally, the moon could not bear it any longer. She burst into heated speech, “How inconsiderate are those humans! You create a masterpiece every single day, multiple masterpieces even, and yet they are so caught up in their own little lives that they don’t take the time to simply look up at the sky for even a moment! How can you just stand by and let them do this? You created them out of your own hands, and yet they do not take a small amount of time to appreciate that fact! You designed the world that they live in, every detail that could be imagined by you, and yet they say that it was mere chance! Can’t you do something about it?”

He turned and looked at her with those sad eyes. “Yes, I could do something about it. I could force them to look up, to appreciate me. But that is not my plan. I realize that some look, but do not see, and some do not care to look at all. But, I also see those that look up and do care, who appreciate what I have done.”

“You see, I paint the sky for everyone, even those who do not look, and those who look but do not see. I give them the opportunity to choose to look up and become caught in the splendor which I create, to become caught up in Me. I will not force any one of them to do anything; it is all their choice. I will give opportunity, but never let it be said of Me that I am a dictator.”

“I did create man. I formed him with my own hands and breathed my own breath into him, bringing forth life. I set the course of history; I brought about the salvation of man. It is by deception and their own selfishness that they choose to ignore what I have brought about.” “I love them, for I did create them. I imagined every single one long before they were born, their appearance and characteristics. Despite their faults and what they speak against me, I still love them.”

“That is why I sit here every morning with my paints to create a masterpiece. It is an opportunity for those that I love to see what I have done.”The moon slowly looked out at the humans once again. She nodded her head, for she understood now. She looked over at the Artist and nodded again. “I see now.” He looked at her, a small smile showing on His face. “You shall see even more later. Now, go to sleep. Morning is upon us, for I am almost finished.”

Candace Nicole
(All rights reserved)

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