Simply put, Reykjavik is the third place that I’ve felt “at home.” Obviously, I feel most comfortable in the city where I grew up, and no matter how many times I move, Columbus, Ohio, will always be my hometown.

When we moved to Helsinki, Finland, I felt like I had found my second “home.” It was so strange, how a place so different from my perceived norm could feel so right. And then, we visited Reykjavik. Again, there was that “home” feeling. Now, I’ve been a lot of places, seen a lot of cities and towns in both Europe and North America, and I can promise you that most did not feel that way. But, there’s just something about a place that God has talked to you about…

Over the last couple of years, we began to feel as if we needed to add Iceland to “what we do.” Then, in September 2014, our organization added the country to our area of responsibility. We’ve only been to Reykjavik twice, yet after spending just a little bit of time there, we immediately fell in love with the country. We enjoyed talking with the people, and deeply appreciated the vast difference in the landscapes that we saw around us. Our two countries are vastly different and yet, they are the same, for they are places that we feel drawn towards. Our hearts are wrapped up in both Finland and Iceland. It’s unexplainable and yet, it’s very real.

Here are just a few memories from one of our trips there. I can hardly wait to go back.


Reykjavik skyline

Reykjavik skyline

Downtown Reykjavik_blog 4_22_15

Icelandic horses

Icelandic horses


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2 responses to “Reykjavik

  1. Christian T. Golden

    I always find it encouraging to read/hear about God’s work through His obedient children. Thanks for listening to God and being a vessel for his love. I’m putting together a post that will highlight a handful of blogs primarily concerned with missions. Would you mind if I mentioned ReachingFinland? Thanks.

    • Thank you for your kind words. What we are doing in life is the most fulfilling thing that we’ve ever done; we wouldn’t trade it for anything! Please feel free to use our blog name; thank you for asking. God bless you!

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