Suomi, sydämeni

Warning … parental brag post and congratulatory shout-out.

We’re excited to share that our daughter, Candace, published her first photography book about Finland in January 2015. It’s quite an accomplishment to achieve something like this at age 20 (her first published photo was featured in Canon’s PhotoYou Winter 2011 edition; she was just 16 years old at the time). If you’ve perused our site much at all, you would have also seen her Flickr site pictures featured in a number of our posts. Yes, we’re pleased with her accomplishments, and thankful that she’s putting time into growing her God-given talent.

In case you’re interested in checking it out, Suomi, sydämeni can be found here.

Thank you in advance for reading this, and also for potentially helping to support a young photographer who is seeking to make her talent into something more than just a hobby.


Suomi, sydämeni

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